Wine Decoder answers the questions, "What does this wine taste like?" and "Will I like this wine?"

Wine Decoder is a mobile app and website for wine consumers, designed to help them find wines for purchase in restaurants & retail, and create social circles of users with similar tastes.

The inspiration for Wine Decoder came from my years in the restaurant and wine industry. When I spoke to consumers, I found that most people had the same basic questions—”What does this wine taste like?” and “Will I like this wine?” I realized that there was never a simple answer to their questions. Taste is a very personal experience, but we’ve made the consumer wine experience about expert reviews, and point-scores that are treated as universal to all wine drinkers.

Wine Decoder leads wine drinkers on a voyage of discovery, providing real answers. Find what you like and don’t like, and match your taste to wines that make you happy. I hope you find that Wine Decoder is the key to discover great wines that are right for you.

Todd Chittick